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Bitcoin – how to pay with it online

Hi there,

As you probably are aware, I am not able to process payments with PayPal since last week. I thought it was a technical problem, but it is taking too long to resolve, so in order to save roof over our heads, I will accept payments in bitcoin (BTC) – the future of financial peer2peer transactions online.

A word of warning – although the set up process is very straightforward, the first transaction may be a bit difficult, but once done, you will realize how easy it was after all.

First – you should set up a bitcoin wallet to hold your coins (it is usually an app on your phone – I recommend Electrum wallet as safe, tried and tested – you can get it free here – for your phone or computer – ).

Second – you will need to obtain some bitcoin (I suggest to buy USD 100 worth of bitcoin for your first time). is the easiest, you can buy btc with credit card, but you can also buy btc on one of the sites listed below – you will see various countries – various sites to purchase). Visit this site for more information on buying btc locally: The fastest (but also slightly more expensive option is here) – (buy Bitcoin Core, NOT bitcoin cash).

Third – after you bought your BTC – please transfer it to your wallet you set up earlier.

Four – that’s it. When you are on my site, at the checkout, when you see the QR code, open your wallet app and scan the QR code to send the payment. After the payment is confirmed, the order is ready to process.

P.S. You may also think about buying and holding some BTC – you can see the interest in cryptocurrency is rising –

All the best and happy shopping.

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