Terms and conditions

Terms and Conditions

When buying HEETS sticks, you agree to but not limited to the following:

The purchaser and receiver of our products is of legal smoking age.

You MUST be of legal smoking age for where you live to order HEETS sticks.

Age Verification – we reserve the right to use 3rd party age verification systems, in accordance with federal law. If necessary we reserve the right to ask for identification if necessary. You must be of legal age to obtain and use a credit card to purchase tobacco products.

Billing Validation: All credit card billing address information you provide must match up in address verification system PayPal with that of the cardholder. If this does not match, your order will be declined.

Refusal or Limit of service: Due to the nature of internet sales, we reserve the right to refuse service to anyone and/or limit the quantity of orders. If you feel you refusal of service or limited qualities were unnecessary, please contact our customer support department.

Company Disclaimer: MeBeeBee store is not responsible for typographical or image errors on our website. We reserve the right to change our terms without notice and at any time.

HEETS sending: In general, we send to every country of the world and we respect the usual rules for the export/import. In some countries, there are special regulations for the tobacco import. We can’t know them all or can’t fulfill all conditions. It is your affair to make sure that the import of tobacco is possible for you. Keep in your mind, it’s your risk if the customs confiscate tobacco sending. You as the buyer may be held liable to pay the excise duties. We do not assume any liability for packages confiscated by the customs. Goods are normally ready for dispatch within 48 hours (We reserve the right to execute the order within 5 working days)


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