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IQOS – 90% less harmful than cigarettes.

Polish scientists have checked the harmfulness of hybrid cigarettes.

In a study that lasted for a good 12 months, the harmfulness of smoke from traditional cigarettes was compared to the one emitted by the hybrid, electronic-tobacco IQOS system. This was the first such experiment in the world.

Nobody has any doubts that smoking is harmful to health. This is recalled by quite drastic photos and messages on cigarette packs, and even tobacco companies are looking for a way back from their traditional products.

They, however, do not want to give up tobacco in favor of increasingly popular e-cigarettes, although heating up and taking on steam is considered safer and less harmful (and studies showing something else by e-cig fans are quickly cited as sponsored by the producers of ordinary cigarettes).

Philip Morris, one of the largest tobacco concerns in the world, at the cost of “many billions of dollars” created a hybrid cigarette – even though it uses tobacco, it is not burned, but heated, just as it is the case of e-cigarettes.

They were examined by scientists from the Institute of Experimental Biology of M. Nencki of the Polish Academy of Sciences.

Research has shown that reducing harmful or potentially harmful substances through heating instead of burning tobacco is an encouraging approach to reducing the mitochondrial stress in the cell associated with smoking tobacco.

The results show that using a hybrid cigarette is less harmful than smoking traditional tobacco – which does not mean that it has no negative impact on the body. This is one of the illustrations attached to the experiment summary:

In summary of the study, we can read:

Smoke from the burned tobacco contains many toxic compounds that can accumulate in the mitochondria and interfere with the mitochondrial breathing function, thus affecting the production of cellular energy. Abnormal functioning of mitochondria can cause cell damage and lead to many diseases not only of the respiratory system. Mitochondria are considered as energy generators for cells and have a key function for the healthy functioning of the body. Defects in the functioning of mitochondria may be the primary and early causes of dysfunctions of: nervous system, myocardium, skeletal muscles, retina, or endocrine system, ie those tissues and organs that require a large amount of energy for their proper functioning.

Disclaimer: The research began in 2016 and lasted for 12 months – funds for its implementation came from the Philip Morris International grant.

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