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IQOS – how I Quit Ordinary Smoking

The first time I tried iQOS was when my cousin was visiting. She and her husband were heavy smokers, but recently they switched to this new system of nicotine inhaling. At first, I reacted with a laugh, after I saw the Heetstick – it was the size of 1/3 of the real cigarette – it looked ridiculous.

I was offered a few drags, I tried it – and had very mixed feelings. On one hand, the mint flavour was strong and fresh, but it was missing “something” from the “real deal” – the smoke. But then they persuaded me to keep trying (there is even an option to rent the iQOS device for free for two weeks) – as there is no smoker’s cough, better stamina when running or doing gym exercises, the clothes do not smell and I don’t have to go outside the house for a smoke (especially cool in winter). I gave it a try – and for the first week, I used to smoke the real ciggies and Heets mixed. I didn’t believe I would stick through the testing time and I thought, I would just return it and forget it.


But, in the second week, I smoked less and less cigarettes and more and more iQOS Heetsticks, gradually. By the end of the second week, when I tried the cigarette in the morning, I didn’t even finish it – it tasted horribly. I am quite sure I will never smoke the “analog” cigarettes, as I call them now.

The maintenance of the device – another thing I initially laughed off. With cigarettes, it’s very simple – no maintenance at all. With iQOS – I need to remember to charge the case every 20 Heets or so (around every 2 days for me, as I use around 1 pack every two days) and cleaning the holder – with the alcohol sticks and the brush cleaner – at first it was a chore, but now I do it once a week and the vape is always tasty and flavorful – I just got used to it and this “ritual” takes about 5 mins once a week – I can live with that – as my skin, lungs, heart and other internal organs thank me – for not inhaling the smoke and all carcinogens that  we absorb into our bodies when smoking cigarettes.

All in all – I am very happy with the iQOS system, even though at first I was skeptical, because of the cleaning, shortness of the sticks and the whole “maintenance” aspect. In reality – it’s totally worth to give it a try.


Below, you can see a short video review of a British blogger.


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